Lenovo Ideapad Review

The Lenovo S210 Touch is an excellent laptop. It is well designed, has enough power and a very sensitive touch screen. If only there had been better battery life and more importantly a responsive keyboard, this could have been a great laptop that we would have blindly recommended to everyone in the market for an 11 inch laptop.


The 11-inch form factor can be a scary segment, people who have been burned by the netbook fiasco still look at this segment with fear. Enter the Lenovo Ideapad S210 Touch, an 11-inch Windows 8 laptop with a touchscreen and Lenovo ergonomics.

The dimensions are really nice to handle and the device is very portable due to its light weight, and if you just want a laptop, the S210 is a good choice. There are some problems that we will talk about after, but for now let’s talk about the build quality.

Design and construction

The case is made of a kind of plastic with a matte finish, which makes the surface relatively sticky and gives more confidence to everyone who uses the device. The device itself is quite thin, and although the monitor and cover segment is quite thick, this is due only to the fact that the device has a touch screen.

The keyboard is the standard Lenovo keyboard with island keys that we have learned to love, and the touchpad is just that, a simple touchpad with independent keys for left and right clicking. The area of the touchpad is somewhat small, but it is enough for a device of this size.


The laptop is quite non-functional, you get the standard webcam, HDMI, LAN, SD card. 3.5mm jack combination, but what it lacks is the DVD drive and a variety of USB ports. You only get two USB ports on the device, only one of which is a USB3.0 port.

They have two small LED indicators for power and power supply (separate indicators), but nothing for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The device is powered by an Intel i3 processor and 4 GB of RAM, enough for everyday use and certainly not for light gaming.


Judging by our tests, the s210t works on par with any other laptop with i3, nothing to talk about. The touchscreen responds very quickly and there is absolutely no noticeable lag when navigating the Windows 8.1 interface. Four GB of RAM is enough and we’ve never felt the need for a faster setup, as long as your job includes navigation, an office suite and multimedia content.

This is all very well, but there are two aspects of this laptop that have been completely overlooked. the first is the keyboard, which, although well designed, does not respond to keystrokes. Tactile typists can pull out their hair in frustration and, if they are not used to typing on the keys, they drop a lot of letters when typing.

The other disappointing factor is the battery life. 110 minutes is not enough anymore, especially for such a small laptop. Spending a little more on a Haswell processor and/or SSD is a much more reasonable option, depending on the budget.

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