Jawbone Up Fitness Tracking Wristband Review

Jawbone Up comes from the first wrist activity tracker that really catches the eye, and this second generation bracelet with its pretty solid but elegant design seems to follow in its footsteps. Jawbone Up is a bit like a pedometer, but with the pretense of being more. Up is part of a wide range of motion sensors and displays the collected information using ultra-smart applications compatible with your Smartphone. Using proprietary algorithms, your bracelet’s software tracks your daily activities with a little precision and a lot of fun.


With an incredibly flexible, powerful, and impenetrable design, this handy life tracker tells you to sleep well, take the right steps to be fit, and want to burn the right amount of calories. Despite some drawbacks, the device can definitely make a difference in your approach to fitness. To better analyze, map the manifestations in the mainstream.

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Construction And Design

Follow your activities with a distinctive touch, because JawboneUp is available in a beautiful selection of octal shades: Mandarin, mint green, hunter green, powder blue, onyx, red, navy blue and light gray. The thin bracelet with the application is not only easy to understand, but also a pleasure to use. The group is very different from other activity trackers, as it is completely free of clips or clips.

A fairly flexible buckle it sits in a hypoallergenic rubber surface that overlaps and slides easily around your wrist and fits comfortably in your hand without making it tight or tight. The Jawbone Up is available online in India in three different sizes-small, medium and large. There is no option to adjust the size of your TOP after you receive yours; there are no extension links to add or remove, nor a replaceable strap. It is therefore your own responsibility to get the right size from the start.

There is no direct display of this type that can be read at the top itself, but only visual displays in the form of icons to convey your operating mode, whether active or inactive. At one end of your ribbon is a small square lace that looks rather decorative. And this is the only button on the screen that allows you to interact. The single button allows you to switch your device between the two modes-you just hold it down before you go to sleep and repeat the process when you wake up.

While a double press and hold Command would revolve around special modes like taking a nap or recording your workout. On the other hand, he has a cap with the jawbone logo. When uninstalling, a 3.5 mm jack will be displayed, which connects to your phone and is compatible with the up application. This connectivity leads to data transfer and powers your bracelet, for which there is also a USB adapter in the box. It’s fine to remove the cap and connect the bracelet to your phone, but you still prefer a wireless sync solution.

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