Hp Envy Leap Motion Touchsmart Se Review

The HP ENVY 17 is an extremely powerful laptop, with high-end specifications with a huge 17.3-inch Full HD and glossy display. The function of the motion sensor is something that gives us a glimpse of the future, but at the moment it is better to show the value than the practical purpose. Buy this, because the performance is undeniable.


We are sure that you have consulted the technical data sheet of the HP ENVY 17 Leap Motion Edition notebook. If not, let’s summarize the notebook for you in one word-forcefully. Add to that the integrated motion sensor, and you have a machine that could very well be designed for the future! Is this the machine for you?

Building and Designing: More of the same good old….

One thing is immediately clear: the machine weighing 3.4 kg is designed as a desktop replacement, and towing it regularly is probably not the most convenient activity . Add to that the massive 17.3-inch screen, and you get a machine that can be just as adept with most types of deployment scenarios.

The design and appearance of the ENVY 17 are very similar to the ENVY 15, which we recently reviewed. HP’s design philosophy, minimalism and straight lines, continues, with an emphasis on metallic colors. Fortunately for us, this means that we are moving away from the shiny and reflective colors that adorned HP laptops for a long time, a few generations ago. The materials used and the workmanship are first class.

Seen from the side, the HP ENVY 17 looks thinner up close and thicker at the back. However, due to the black underside, this is an optical illusion – the thickness is relatively the same everywhere. The placement of the door is traditional; divided between the two back spines of the keyboard set.

Leap Motion: clean functionality, not many applications to use them

Leap Motion Inc. based in San Francisco. has been making sensors for PC and Mac for quite some time, and you can buy them for any existing Windows or Mac machine. But the ENVY 17 is the first machine to integrate the sensor into the existing parameters of the laptop.

The sensor is in what is essentially a strip that is located under the keyboard. It uses two cameras and three LEDs to track your hand movements up and down and more. This integration is much smaller than the standalone version sold by Leap Motion, allowing integration into the laptop.

We installed the New York Times app from the Leap Motion airspace store to see how well this feature works, and the experience was pretty neat. The standard calibration did not cause any problems and the detection range is wide enough (and high enough vertically) to allow use without having to constantly worry about staying within the possible range of the sensor. If the hand gets too close to the sensor, there is a chance that the answer will be doubtful. In addition, the Leap motion sensor detects and compensates for ambient light sources. For page scrolling (in this particular application), vertical and horizontal swipes, the response was smooth and consistent. However, the slider is somewhat capricious and does not like to stay in one place.

Although this is a very interesting feature to brag and show off, you are still limited by the number of compatible applications. Leap Motion airspace Store offers many games that include the typical drawing and painting applications. obviously, most basic Windows tasks are still not compatible with gesture control. And opening a particular application to use a particular feature is something that most users do not naturally experience on a regular basis. In addition, this input method is no faster than the combination of the keyboard touchpad or the simple and convenient touch screen. Although it works pretty well, the functionality is not something that pushes me to update my laptop and sacrifice the advantages of portability and form factor. If anything, for those who have money and are ready to try new things, just buy the Leap motion sensor, which connects to any PC or Mac via USB and does exactly the same thing.

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