Folding Phones

You may be laughing as you read this. Foldable phones? Right? Aren’t these gadgets? I am here to tell you that they are very useful. And yes, there are quite a few that you can choose now. Folding phones are an evolution of the traditional single-screen glass plate that we have all been using for almost two decades.

They mainly come in two different forms – a flip folding phone or a book-like folding phone -so you can relive the glory days of a small phone or expand your multitasking options on the go. The best foldable phone will be a personal decision-maybe even more than a traditional smartphone, because it depends on the style you prefer. Anyway, I have tested almost all of these phones, and these are my favorites.

Best Flip Phone

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

Samsung has been making foldable smartphones for longer than any other manufacturer, and it shows. The fifth-generation Galaxy Z Flip5 (7/10, recommended by WIRED) is a polished flip-style handset with IPX8 water resistance and a silent hinge. It closes completely flat without leaving a hole in the middle, and this iteration has a much larger cover screen on the front. It allows you to consult large widgets such as the calendar, the weather, the number of steps and the timer—as well as notifications with the possibility of responding to them via a full-size keyboard-without opening the device. You can also launch a few applications, but your options are limited (and you must activate them).

Google Pixel Fold

The problem with foldable phones that open like a book is the front screen—this is what you will use 70% of the time, and yet many of them were initially so narrow and not so pleasant to use. The Pixel Fold (8/10, recommended by WIRED) has changed things with a shorter and wider design, so that the 5.8-inch AMOLED front screen mimics the normal smartphone experience. The apps don’t look super skinny anymore! Open the screen to access the large 7.6-inch indoor display. The whole thing is also quite thin-for a foldable phone-although it is one of the heaviest smartphones on the market.

OnePlus Open

Do you constantly juggle between several applications? The OnePlus Open surprisingly has some of the best multitasking features I’ve ever seen on a foldable phone so far. I was at the Google October Hardware event and I had Gmail and X open in split screen, then Slack hidden at the bottom—you can easily scroll down to see the third app in full size, or photograph them side by side. There is a pretty good video demonstration of it in my review (7/10). During my tests, I found that OnePlus beat the Pixel Fold and the Galaxy Z Fold5 when it comes to serious multitasking.

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