Fitbit Force Wireless Activity Wristband Review

The Fitbit Force is a Fitness Tracker that is considered very powerful for measuring exercise, diet and sleep. The small but clear and easily accessible screen constantly informs you of your activity levels and your calories burned. Although the performance is not perfect, it works very well by inspiring you to move all the way. An ideal blend of its two predecessors – Brothers Flex and One – this feature-rich bracelet will appeal even to non-athletes by motivating them.


Since Force is Fitbit’s recent activity tracking device, it seems to improve on the company’s previous offer by allowing a variety of sensors, integrated programs, information-rich screens and fabulous wireless connections in a phenomenal wearable package. For a better Analysis, map the manifestations in the mainstream:-

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Construction and Design

The Fitbit Force mid-size activity tracker has a flat profile with square edges instead of a curved surface. From bold black to discreet slate, it is available in the best of both worlds. There is no Pod included in the rubberized strap, but a high-quality integrated OLED display with a smoke lens that displays information by simply pressing a single button on the side, which is also used to navigate between screens. Unlike its brothers Flex, which were waterproof, Force could not repel water during pool activities. Not only is it very easy to put on and take off, but it is also light and comfortable enough to be worn day and night. In addition, it is very convenient to adjust the strap with its clasp. The best part? It fits your wrist so well that it would not fall off your wrist even during the most intense activities. Overall, the band does enough for a thin watch and a neat Fitness Tracker with intuitive buttons that will make you feel and feel awesome.


Like the various activity trackers created in the competition, Fitbit Force is also tracking the time, seeing the number of steps you take, calculating the calories burned, calculating the climb of the stairs and the distance traveled, and analyzing your sleep sessions, or “active minutes”. In addition, Fitbit Force allows a stopwatch as well as caller ID support for iPhones running iOS 7, because Force vibrates and displays the caller’s name when you receive a call. With the same accelerometer that tracks your movements, a built-in vibration motor notifies you when alarms are triggered. In addition, real-time wireless data synchronization via the Fitbit app via Bluetooth 4.0 is possible with your iPhone or some Android Smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and Note 2 that currently support the feature. Like the previous Fitbits, Force comes with a USB Dongle to synchronize data with a Mac or PC.

The Apple Of Applications

From a software point of view, Fitbit uses force to provide a comprehensive platform that not only examines the data and information flows of other applications, but also caters to a rapidly growing community of users. Press this single button on the side of the screen to trigger an Animation that displays all your training times. After six seconds, the Animation reverses and the display goes blank. The Fitbit website offers an attractive dashboard that not only allows you to track all the forcibly monitored information, but also to find out who is not doing it – for example, your weight could be added or your calorie intake tracked. Alternatively, if you have a Fitbit Aria scale that uses Wi-Fi, your weight should be automatically recorded every time you climb.

And just like the raised jaw, Fitbit Force is up to your sleep. It even shows how long you have been awake or restless and sleepy. However, this does not break down your sleep into light and deep cycles, as is the case with Jawbone. It also can’t set up vibration alarms, so you can wake up automatically at optimal times in your sleep cycle.

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