Review of Acer Aspire V5-472

The Acer Aspire v5-472 deserves to be a great device, and that’s what matters. It is a slim, well-built laptop with an excellent design, a beautiful keyboard and excellent battery life. Unfortunately, the terrible touchpad completely ruined the experience for us and made the laptop almost unus

Review of Nokia Asha 502

The Nokia Asha 502 is designed for users who spend a lot of time chatting with friends online, as it comes pre-installed with apps like WhatsApp, LINE and WeChat in conjunction with dual SIM support. If you are looking for a simple touch phone with a minimalist and simple interface, this is a good c

Lenovo Ideapad Review

The Lenovo S210 Touch is an excellent laptop. It is well designed, has enough power and a very sensitive touch screen. If only there had been better battery life and more importantly a responsive keyboard, this could have been a great laptop that we would have blindly recommended to everyone in the

Htc Desire Dual Sim Review

Although the HTC Desire 601 Dual SIM is one of the most stylish smartphones on the market, it is simply too expensive for the features offered, and also does not provide innovative performance. One could easily opt for a much faster and better equipped smartphone in the same price range. DETAILED RE

Hp Pavilion Review

The HP Pavilion 15-n207tu is a complete, albeit simple, laptop with the most necessary to satisfy the user. The device has a good screen and excellent sound, not to mention a decent battery life. However, it’s underpowered at this price and we’ve certainly seen better hardware and more f

Review of Motorola Moto G

The Moto G is absolutely worth the price. With excellent performance and simple design, the smartphone is perfect for anyone looking for a inexpensive Android smartphone. DETAILED REVIEW OF THE MOTOROLA MOTO G Google acquired Motorola for about a billion and recently sold it to Lenovo for only a bil

Samsung Galaxy Grand Review

Samsung has made some major upgrades this time, trying to fix the bugs of the first Galaxy Grand. It can be said that this time they were actually successful. Grand 2 is a great phone if you are looking for a large screen phone with good performance. However, if you don’t care about the screen

Lenovo Ideapad Review

The Lenovo Ideapad G505s is a great laptop from Lenovo, and although we don’t really complain about the design and build quality (other than the lack of a touch screen), we feel disappointed by the poor battery performance and are slightly overshadowed by the G500s, which is a much better vers

Fujifilm X-E2 Review

The Fujifilm X-E2 is the company’s first second-generation camera. It does not contain more pixels on the sensor, but it integrates phase detection. The AF has improved significantly and the button layout has changed slightly, which we don’t like too much. The video is still not (clearly

Folding Phones

You may be laughing as you read this. Foldable phones? Right? Aren’t these gadgets? I am here to tell you that they are very useful. And yes, there are quite a few that you can choose now. Folding phones are an evolution of the traditional single-screen glass plate that we have all been using

Oppo N1 16gb Review

The Oppo N1 impresses with its performance and innovative features, but is unfortunately a bit overpriced. In addition, with its 5.9-inch screen, it is large enough for everyday use. If you like large devices and you want to spend, the Oppo N1 will not disappoint you at all. OPPO N1 16GB DETAILED RE